The State of Things at the Current Moment

flowered couch

Here I am sitting on
my frayed, flowered couch
in my 3-bedroom house
in a small rural town
in the forgotten state of Idaho,
while out there somewhere
is an unstable president
and brooding terrorists
and charitable strangers–
and people everywhere
who just want to quietly
live and breathe and die,
who hope the terrorists
will decide to be
ordinary citizens
and the president
will lose his cellphone.


Political Animals

Cackling uncontrollably,
a caucus of hyenas
condemning herd-folk
for slowness and stupidity.


Laughing and loping,
they feast at others’ banquets.
Still restless, unsated,
they stalk someone’s mother.
Powerful jaws grab the foot,
wantonly ripping flesh,
mindlessly crushing bone.
Next, they prey upon a careless
youngster, skillfully separating her
from her companions.


Returning home at daybreak,
they throw bones
to their children,
priding themselves
on their family values.

Seeing Red and Blue: Collective Nouns for Election Year 2012

a fickle of frontrunners

an outrage of occupiers

a rebuff of Republicans

a riptide of tea partiers

a rigor mortis of Democrats

a pomposity of pundits

a pork of politicians