Walking in Darkness



When someone guns down children, our moral compass shatters. Ordinarily, we can make sense of almost anything. Even when we deplore a crime, we can see how greed or lust or bad companions have led to criminal acts. But in this case, our reasoning is useless, our rationale defunct. 

The news commentators and politicians try to distract us by talking about gun control and armed guards and fortress-like schools, but the only thing we really want to know is why–

Why did this happen?

Why would someone plan a siege against children?

What is it that creates a mass murderer?

Why this particular young person?

How do anger, angst, and isolation turn to madness?

When does infamy become more imperative than honor?

How can revenge be extracted from the blameless?

Why would anyone want a memorial of sobs and screams and broken bodies?


About Judy Grigg Hansen
I write poetry and nonfiction, and I am passionate about the people, places, and wildflowers of Idaho and the Northwest.

4 Responses to Walking in Darkness

  1. Dick Grigg says:

    : When tragedies happen in people’s lives they tend to blame God for it because He has the power to stop it from happening. Try to understand that this life is only a short probationary period in man’s existence and is a trial period. Men and nations are given their free agency to choose between right and wrong and act accordingly and God will not interfere except in rare circumstances

  2. Jeff says:

    You did an exellent job Judy. I really enjoyed your poem.

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