Fulcrum: Idaho Spring

tulips flailed
in the brisk, biting wind.

hunched into their sweatshirts
at the bus stop,
pulling the sleeves over their hands. 



nearly spent,
the tulips’ washed-out colors
undulate in the gentle breeze.

Children rush from confinement
to race up the slide bed.

The elderly
venture out of hibernation,
the hope of one more summer
stirring within.



the scorching sun
will send all but the children
into air-conditioned cocoons. 


though the air is pregnant
with impending heat,
we pretend
it will be like this
as we celebrate
the one perfect day of spring.



About Judy Grigg Hansen
I write poetry and nonfiction, and I am passionate about the people, places, and wildflowers of Idaho and the Northwest.

One Response to Fulcrum: Idaho Spring

  1. Dick Grigg says:

    How true, it is great to be here for another season at age 88

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