February’s Hope

Heaps of graying snow,
like piles of unwashed laundry,
line driveways and medians.
Permanent ice bumps
jolt inattentive drivers.
Slowly shrinking snowmen
guard our neighbor’s yard.

Naked, brittle trees
give no hint of nascent spring—

But today the sun is shining!

Not even a crocus peeks out
from its covering of snow.

But today the sun is shining!

(Note: A big thanks to Jenny Emery Davidson for taking the snow picture in Hailey, Idaho. This poem was written in the very cold winter weather of February 2008 when we thought the snow would never go. This year we haven’t had enough snow in Twin Falls to make a snow bank.)


About Judy Grigg Hansen
I write poetry and nonfiction, and I am passionate about the people, places, and wildflowers of Idaho and the Northwest.

2 Responses to February’s Hope

  1. Dick says:

    What a beautiful descriptions of winter dying away. Thanks, Dad

  2. Marsha says:

    I didn’t think you could possibly be talking about THIS winter! Glad you cleared that up.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful writing!

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